Mulch from Branches


We want to make our own mulch-we have a chipper but we aren’t sure what branches make the best mulch-I have heard cedar can have termites


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners with your question about producing your own wood mulch. What a great way to recycle cut branches and provide so many benefits to your garden! Mulch provides moisture retention, weed suppression, cooling or warming of the soil, and, of course, a pleasing appearance. As well, as it breaks down adds valuable nutrients to the soil. You enquire whether cedar mulch can harbour termites; however the material I’ve researched suggests the opposite, that cedar contains oils that repel termites.

Toronto Master Gardeners has received a number of questions on this topic, all of which you may find beneficial. These two are specifically appropriate:…be-used-as-mulch/

We applaud your reuse of plant material.