Garden Design


Hello I have a south facing garden which is partially overhung by two large trees at the back – I am trying to do a landscaping project (sunken fire pit and pergola) with complimentary planting for a year round garden. The planting will be modern detailed aesthetic (the house is very modern in architecture) so thinking varied grasses around the features and lavender, white and pale pink shades, with splashes of yellow colour. Would love some suggestions for flowering shrubs, planting or grasses that last in Toronto climate with autumn/winter interest to help fill the perimeter beds and add volume as the beds are surrounded by a wooden fence and want to reduce that sense of being fenced all around. I am attaching the plan of the garden! Thank you!


What a lovely project!

While working out a plan for plantings for your new garden is outside the purview of Toronto Master Gardeners, below is a link to Landscape Ontario. They may be able to direct you in getting some professional advice.

Included also is list of nurseries in Ontario which may be able to help you in your search.

Better Homes and Gardens has a slideshow of a variety of grasses. Because the magazine is not Canadian it is important to assess the selection based on your growing Zone.

We wish you every enjoyment in planning your garden.