Garden mulching, composting and landscape fabrics


I’ve been weeding, reducing certain plants and shrubs and planting new ones. I intend to lay down compost and mulch. My questions:
-Do you recommend using landscape fabric, or does it prevent perennials (and spring bulbs) from coming up? I have 2 lovely small trees (Japanese maple and servicberry). OK to plant fabric around them or not?
-Do I compost and mulch in fall, or just mulch?



Sounds like you have been working hard in your garden.

We do not generally recommend the use of Landscape fabric but we certainly support the use of a variety of mulches and compost.

Toronto Master Gardeners have a Gardening Guide with lots of information on mulching and composting and I have attached the link which you can use to determine when and how to mulch!

i have also attached our Gardening Guide on Japanese Maples.