Unknown weed


Every spring I get these weeds growing under my linden trees and they are hard to eliminate. I have attached two photos of these weeds.

I have three linden trees, each planted at different times over a 15 year period and which are separated by a good distance.  These weeds only grow under these trees – no where else in my yard.  They seem to be resistant to glyphosate as well as regular lawn weed killer, and don’t pull well due to their deep root.

There seems to be more each year, however I have noticed that they die back late in the summer.

I have not been able to identify them, and haven’t found any reference to a weed growing symbiotically with linden trees.

Do you know what it is, and can you provide any advice on how to eliminate it?

Thank you in advance,



Thank you for your question and your pictures.

This appears to be Broad-leaved helleborine (Epipactis helleborine)  an invasive species originating from Eurasia.  I have seen it pop up in my garden.

Control involves digging out the plant with all its roots. This should be done before the flowers go to seed. Mulching may help control this weed as well. More information about Organic Weed Control can be found at: