i bought gardenia this spring with lots of buds. i transferred it in bigger pot in the house where there is lots of sunlight.
in few days all the buds fell out, they turned yellow.
did i do anything wrong ? how to keep the buds?


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Gardenia’s are a beautiful plant but they are tempermental and will yellow and drop leaves and buds if the conditions are not just right for them.

Gardenias do best in bright light but direct sunshine can burn the leaves. They like to have humidity around them and they prefer an acidic soil. You did not mention what soil you used for re-potting but that maybe a contributing factor. Also transplanting while they were in bud may have been too stressful for them. To aid with humidity, they like to have a tray of gravel with water in it below the pot so humidity stays higher around the plant.

The two articles from our library that I have attached below discuss in detail Gardenias with the same problem as you are experiencing and have excellent links for further reading.

Good luck with your plant.



Yellowed leaves on an indoor gardenia