I have a grafted gardenia which develops many flower blooms; however, they do not open.

The plant is wintering inside in a west facing window. The room is kept at a fairly cool temperature.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.



It would seem that gardenia challenges are abundant at this time of year, perhaps because of the conditions we find in raising plants indoors in the winter.

Lack of humidity is a major cause of gardenia bud drop or buds not opening. Try adding a humidifier to the room or place the gardenia on a tray of pebbles and add water to the tray often to keep the pebbles wet. Don’t mist the leaves as this will cause fungus to grow on them. These temperamental plants also need to be kept evenly moist in a well draining loose organic soil but ensure that you don’t over water them. Applying mulch to the surface ensures consistent soil moisture.

They need warm days and cool nights and may drop buds or fail to bloom when temperatures fall outside their preferred range. (21-23 degrees by day and 13-16 degrees at night)

Here is some great information on caring for gardenias:

I wish you a blossom filled future.