We live in Rosedale, Toronto.
We planted a Wisteria about 15 years ago, it faces South and seems happy, we try to follow recommendations as regards pruning etc.

This year was the best ever for flowers and we got about 80 blooms. (see photo) BUT the flowers lost their intensity of colour after about 6-7 days and then faded rapidly and were gone in 14 days. We wonder if this is normal or if a lack/excess of water caused the problem?

Your wisdom will be appreciated.


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. How disappointing to go from the most blooms ever to gone in such a short period. Assuming that your plant looks otherwise healthy I think the cause is probably fluctuations in the weather pattern this spring – back and forth from weather more typical of late winter/early spring to summer-like heat, as well as a long period of more normal cool spring weather. Wisteria grows vigorously and is fairly adaptable, to different soils (although it prefers moist and well-drained) and to drought. The only ‘must haves’ for good blooming are full sun and proper pruning (usually twice each year, late winter and summer). Your southern exposure is ideal, and the pruning you have been doing has likely contributed significantly to your heavy bloom this year.

Here is some information on pruning wisteria that might provide some helpful additional tips :

Wisteria: pruning – Royal Horticultural Society

Let’s hope next spring brings a repeat of this year’s heavy bloom along with the weather to enjoy it fully !

June 6, 2021