we planted  wisteria vines 3 years ago. The first 2 years my husband cut them down to the ground in fall. We still have not seen a bloom. we live in Northern Tennessee, they are planted in full sun, are growing rapidly and look healthy, but still no blooms. I have ask my husband not to cut them back so extensively this year. I have not given them any fertilizer because they seem so healthy. any information you have would be helpful. Thank you


Wisteria will not bloom if it is exposed to too much nitrogen, there will be lots of foliage growth but no blooming.  The most likely reason your wisteria won’t bloom is due to too much nitrogen. When a wisteria plant has too much nitrogen, it will have plenty of foliage growth, but very little and maybe no blooms.  Another reason for wisteria blooming problems is the environment they are growing in. Wisteria vines that lack  proper drainage may be stressed and, while they will grow leaves, they will not bloom.  Improper fertilization may also be the answer to the question of why is my wisteria not blooming. Fertilizing in the spring can encourage leaf growth and discourage blooms.  Lack of maturity may also be the culprit. Most wisteria bought in plant nurseries are the proper age to start blooming, but if your wisteria was grown from seed, or given to you by a friend; it simply may not be old enough to flower yet. Wisteria must be 7 – 15 years old before they are old enough to bloom.  Excessive pruning may remove the flower buds.

I do recommend that you contact your local Master Gardeners as you live in a different zone and there are specific environmental considerations  that may  apply.