Gardening deadline for mulching


I successfully covered a second area of the backyard with plastic to prepare for mulching, and future plans. I was going to get someone to help uproot weeds and cover this in mulch.
Is there is a deadline for uprooting earth with critical dates? I covered 350 feet square in total , after razing the area with a string trimmer. The plan was to dig up the plastic covered area, and deplete weeds after about four weeks.
Mulching is easy enough, but are there critical dates I should ensure I respect, so the soil in still easy enough to dig up, before a frost undermines the project?
I want to know to get some other quotes in case the original contact isn’t available.
I doubt that the plastic would remain intact over the winter, since it would freeze, and crack. I suppose it could be done in the spring too, but I’d rather have it done sooner. Thank you.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.

Mulching is mainly applied during two seasons: in the late spring/early summer in preparation for the heat of summer (trying to keep the moisture in the soil and prevent plants from drying out) and applying it in mid-to-late fall for the winter (more of an insulation measure, like for roses).   Mulching does have other advantages and can be applied at other times of year.  There is no hard deadline; however, we do have a mulching guide which may be of interest to you.  Timing is discussed in the last section of the guide, which can be found here:

In addition, the following two gardening guides may also be of interest – one on tackling weeds and another on putting the garden to bed before winter:

Good luck with the rest of your garden preparations!