Gardening Opportunities


I’m sure this isn’t a usual question but I live in the Uk with both UK and Canadian Citizenship. I currently work on a private estate and have a Royal Horticultural Society Level 2 in horticultural practice but want to move to Canada to be with family. My question is if there are many opportunities for employment as a gardener in Ontario or even Canada as a whole?

Thank you very much for any help!


How lovely to be gardening in England. Congratulations on your credentials.

It is outside of the purview of Toronto Master Gardeners to provide career advice. That being said you may wish to reach out to the Directors of any of our Botanical Gardens, you could easily find them on the web or to an organization in Ontario called Landscape Ontario. I provide the link below.

I am also including a Government of Canada link re “green” careers in Canada.

We wish you every success in making your decision and reuniting with your family.