Getting my wisteria to bloom*


I have had a wisteria plant for 9 years (and it was a few years old, I believe, when I planted it).  It has always been healthy i.e. lots of growth every year and green foliage.  I have only ever had a few flowers!!  Is there a suggestion on getting it to bloom.  It is in a location that gets lots of sun.  Perhaps I am not pruning properly or at right times?


We’ve got some helpful information about wisteria on our website, Go to Find it here and type in wisteria

In brief, to encourage blooming, you will need to prune to control the wisteria’s tendency to produce new growth (at the expense of forming flower buds).  It is now early spring, time to prune the wisteria (and prune again in July/August).

For more details about pruning, fertilizing, watering and other issues to consider, see our “How to get wisteria to bloom: A Toronto master gardeners garden guide”.