Gladioli Without Buds


I planted these Gladiolus since end of April. There are no flower buds and the leaves stop growing. Also there are so burnt and brown marks at the tips of some leaves. Not sure what’s going on with my Gladiolus.



Hello:  Gladioli take about 90 days to grow and bloom…but this has been an unusually cold spring and summer so perhaps they are behind their usual rate of growth.  Also, there are some smaller varieties.  Do you have one of these varieties?  All glads prefer full sun, warm/hot weather, rich soil and the corms should be planted 4-6″ deep.  If these conditions are not met gladioli will not bloom.   If your corms (bulbs) are small, or from last year, perhaps they did not store sufficient energy before you removed them from the soil and thus they can not thrive.  If you purchased them from a store this year, perhaps they were not stored properly in transport from their point of origin or suffered from a fungus and thus have lost most of their stored energy.  Also, from your photo, they look like they are in a window box.  If this is the case they may not be planted deep enough and are likely planted in potting soil which may not have sufficient nutrients for their growth.  Also, brown tips may be due to overwatering and/ or- again looking at your photo- wind.  In any case, I would add some liquid fertilizer to your plants (5-10-5 or any balanced one) and some bone meal , be sure not to over-water, give them some more sun if possible, and protection from winds.   The buds may appear in the next few weeks with flowers in September.  I have added two links to websites that provide additional information.  good luck