Pothos Plant


Hello! I have had a pothos plant in my bathroom for about 15 years but, due to neglect, it has declined to the point that there is one stem left with two leaves on it. It is barely holding on to the dry soil. I’m wondering if I can try to root it somehow in water or new soil to see if I can encourage it to grow?? If so, would I use the whole bit that remains or use a single leaf only? Thanks!


Hello:  Your poor plant likely needs to be repotted.   Generally, rooting requires a 4-6″ stem with at least four leaves.   I think your plant is not healthy enough to cut the one remaining stem.  First, locate a new pot about 2 inches (5cm) larger in circumference than the old pot.  Purchase some new potting soil (potting soil for tropical plants would be best).  Turn the plant on its side and using a knife or spatula, remove the plant from the pot.  You may see roots surrounding the surface of the soil.  Using your fingers, separate and untangle these roots.  Cut off the longest, thickest of these roots to the edge of the soil.    Shake off some more of the soil to further loosen the roots.  Make sure the new pot has proper drainage then to the bottom of the new pot, add some pebbles or some shards of pottery to provide additional drainage.  Then add several inches of the new soil.  Lightly place the plant on top of the soil so that the surface soil of the plant is level with the lip of the pot.  Backfill the pot with the new soil until the soil and plant is level with the top of the pot.  Lightly tap the pot on a solid surface to remove air pockets.  Add more soil if necessary to the top and sides of the pot. Lightly press down the soil.   Water the plant gently until water runs out the bottom of the pot. Do not let water sit in the saucer of the pot.  Place the pot and saucer in indirect light.  (Your bathroom might have been too dark or too light).  Water when soil feels dry to your fingers (about once a week).  You may want to add a dilute all purpose liquid fertilizer after a few weeks to encourage the plant to grow new leaves. (dilute by 1/2 strength).   Do not over-water and do not place in direct sun.    Consider placing it where you see it more often and where you might have the inclination to give it more attention now that it has been repotted.  Thanks for thinking of us… and of your plant too!

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