Globe Cedars Turning Grey


I have some globe cedars still in pots. Have not planted yet. They are turning grey on the inside. The outside crown is still dark green. Is this a type of mold from too much moisture ?
– regular soil/loam in pot
– climate zone is Southern Ontario, Canada
– Part Sunlight exposure


I am not sure if you mean the shrubs are still in the nursery containers or if you have been growing them in larger decorative containers. Molds and mildews on cedars are usually related to cool, damp weather, which has not been the case this summer and fall.

If they are still in the nursery containers and have been so all summer and fall, they may well be root bound and also suffering from lack of nutrition, since they are usually sold in a planting medium that has very little nutritional content and any that was there, may have been washed away by the frequent watering they will have needed this summer.

Root rot from constant wetness may also be an issue.

I suggest you take them out of the pots and examine the roots. Please contact us again with a photo of the roots and one of the interior of the shrub (ideally, a close up of the grey branch) so we can make a more informed diagnosis for you.