Tomato blight


I have a small downtown garden. Only one spot has enough sun to grow tomatoes. I have various blights.
What can I do to reduce early and late blights. I do not compost infected plant parts, spray early in the season with bordo mixture, drip water.
Can fall tillage, companion plants or using fabric around plants improve yield?


So annoying to have your tomato crop struck with blight! As you can imagine, we get questions about this every year. Here is a link to a previous answer you may find helpful:

As for techniques for improving yield, we recommend good compost and proper pruning. There is an excellent paper on pruning techniques published by the University of New Hampshire here:

We are proponents of the no-till approach to gardening. Excessive tillage destroys the soil structure which is the foundation for healthy plant roots that interact with the living component of the soil. For an excellent guide to no-till vegetable gardens, see Michigan State University’s paper here:

Hope your tomatoes are healthy and happy next year!