Grass Alternative by Sidewalk


Hi there

I have a patch of grass, this is section of lawn that is between the curb and sidewalk. This patch as well sits on the property line between my neighbor and I.

The grass I can’t be bothered anymore. I’m looking for something to replace the grass. Its not a huge area, 3 ft by 4 ft. It is west facing, so it does get alot of sun especially in the summer. Soil quality, nothing special. There is no shade from a tree to block it. And it does get some water from a sprinkler system that shoots water over the sidewalk onto this patch.

I was thinking tall grasses or something flowering to add some color and bring back life to that patch. Low maintenance is key. And it can’t be too high, so it doesn’t create a blind spot when backing out of the driveway.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



From your comments on the proposed garden area, the qualifying factor besides growing conditions and low maintenance, would be height.  It is probably most appropriate to have plants that require little water, no maintenance, groundcover capabilities and can tolerate full sun.  Rock garden plants would be the most suitable and with the incredible selection, you will also be able to add some colour and texture.  Sedums are an excellent choice for this and are readily available.  They come in all shapes, sizes and colours.  This website should be helpful:

Phlox subulate (creeping Phlox) is another spreading low ground cover.  Different cultivars have various colours of tiny blooms in the spring.  For a feathery, mounded plant you can choose Artemisia schmidtiana ‘Silver Mound’.  A real punch of yellow in the spring is Aurinia saxatilis (formerly Alyssum)  

All of these suggestions are very hardy in your area and will give you an excellent selection from which to choose.