Hello, I was wondering on how to make my own vitamin b complex for plants. Can one just use the prescription made ingredients or how does one go about that, thank you!


Toronto Master Gardeners try to provide science based information to the public. Before going ahead with making and applying a vitamin complex mixture, it might be practical to note that Washington State University, Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott, states that applying B-1 or thiamine to roots systems of whole plants does not stimulate root growth.

However she does offer tips for healthy transplanting :

• Vitamin B-1, aka thiamine, does not reduce transplant shock or stimulate new root growth on plants outside the laboratory

• A nitrogen fertilizer is adequate for transplanting landscape plants; avoid use of “transplant fertilizers” that contain phosphate

• Healthy plants will synthesize their own thiamine supply

• Healthy soils contain beneficial microbes that synthesize thiamine as well

• Difficult-to-transplant species may be aided by application of auxin-containing products in addition to nitrogen, but read the label and don’t add unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals (this includes organics!)

• Adequate soil moisture is crucial for new root growth; be sure to irrigate new transplants frequently and use mulch to reduce evaporation

If you wish to read her entire research on these conclusions they can be found at: