Groundcover for Gap Between Fences


I have an 8 inch gap between my fence and my neighbours’ fence that runs along the property line. I would like to use a ground cover that is low maintenance to avoid having to maintain any plants or tend to weeds that grow in this long narrow space. It’s just an awkward spot to get at so anything hardy and low growing would be great.


Below are some resources that provide good basic information about issues to consider when selecting groundcovers – e.g., whether the site is shady/sunny, soil type, texture, colour, bloom time, and how the plant will look each season.  As well, they include many plant suggestions:

Many websites/articles that list groundcovers to choose from include invasive species, which are generally not recommended for home gardens, as they can spread relentlessly and out-compete other nearby plants.  This includes English ivy (Hedera helix), lily-of-the valley (Convalleria), and periwinkle (Vinca minor).  Check out the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority’s Invasive plant list  and Ontario’s Invasive Plant Council’s Grow me instead guide before you decide upon the groundcovers you will use.

Once established, many groundcovers are low-maintenance.  All the best in selecting one or more that suit your space.