Growing Persimmon Trees in the GTA


Is it possible to grow persimmon in the Greater Toronto Area climate?   There are nurseries in Ontario that sell Canadian persimmon trees but I don’t know if its legitimate.  I would have gotten two of them if I could get some additional information.


It is possible to grow persimmon trees in the GTA climate.

The American persimmon (Diospyros virginiana) can tolerate temperatures down to -32 degrees Celsius, with “Meader” being the hardiest variety of this species.

Asian persimmons are not as hardy.

There is very little information about Canadian persimmons trees that I could find on-line.

In general, Persimmons thrive in full sun in a well draining soil and can grow as large as sixty feet with thirty foot spread. Some of the species are self-pollinating and some species require a male and female trees in order to produce fruit.  So, being sure you have enough space to accommodate such a large mature tree on your property is vital.  Also, when purchasing one, check it’s needs in order to successfully bear fruit.

For more information on persimmons please review the following sites: