What do I need to know to grow happy haskap?
I know they need acidic soil, would wood ash help with that?
Where is the best place to buy these plants?
I want to grow them in a sunny location, just east of orillia.
Thank you


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners with your question.

The haskap is a recent introduction to Canada and is just starting to become well-known as a major antioxidant. It is very cold-hardy and well-suited to growing in Canada so you should have no difficulty growing it in the Orillia area. It is known by many names, including Honeyberry, Blue Honeysuckle and Sweet Berry. The fruit of this berry resembles a cross between a blueberry and a long blue grape and the fruit tastes like a cross between a raspberry and a blueberry. The haskap is fast-growing and quite pest-resistant and produces a high yield. As you mentioned in your question, haskaps like acidic soil and a pH of 5-7 is recommended. They enjoy a sunny location. Haskaps can now be found at several reputable nurseries. Please see below a good growing guide produced by the University of Saskatchewan, a leader in the breeding of Lonicera caerulea cultivars suitable for Canada, as well as a link to the Haskap Canada Association: