Hellebore blooming in November


A Hellebore in my garden (“Snowbells”) has started blooming in late November, and I am worried about what will happen when it gets colder and it snows (again).

I planted the Hellebore in July. It is in a small, backyard garden in the Upper Beaches area of Toronto. The garden is quite shady—there’s a large Norway Maple shading the garden for much of the day.

I understand that Hellebores are resilient, so I expect it will survive, I am wondering if it will bloom again in spring.

Also, is there anything I can do to prevent it blooming at the beginning of winter rather than at the end?




Thank you for your question about your hellebore (Helleborus niger ‘Snowbells’).  I just love hellebores!

Depending on the species and climate, hellebores can begin blooming in November and continue right through winter.  (Brooklyn Botanic Garden)  In our Toronto climate,  Helleborus niger (often called the Christmas rose) sets buds in late summer, stays dormant during the coldest winter months, and then is one of the very earliest flowers to bloom in late winter to early spring.

I have not found any resources addressing your specific question (more often people are concerned when their hellebore does not bloom!) but assuming your plant was container-grown in a greenhouse, it’s probably just adjusting to its new environment. While it might have fewer blooms this coming spring, it should come back strong the next year!

For more information on hellebore care and maintenance, please see the growing guides below.