Rose of Sharon Seed pods or Flower Buds ( ? ) still remain


My previous question was an enquiry about removing the unopened pods ( ? ) on my ROS. You had asked whether they were seed pods or flower buds. There are still 20-25 unopened round, brown, grape or marble sized ones on the stems right now. ( Nov. 27 ) My question to you is:
A. Remove them now
B. Remove them in the spring
C. Leave them alone


You are seeing seed pods on your plant.  I just went outside to look at the rose of Sharon in my garden, and there are many brown, grape-sized seed pods on its branches – you can verify this on your own plant – open the pods up and you should see the small seeds inside.

In our response to your earlier question, Unopened rose of Sharon pods , we recommended that seed pods be removed.  As many of the seeds may be viable, if the seed pods remain and disperse their seeds over the winter, next spring you may find seedlings popping up in spots these are not wanted, e.g., very close to the parent plant or in your neighbour’s garden.  However, note that some varieties of rose of Sharon do not produce seeds, and some are hybrids so the seedlings may not produce the same variety as the parent plant.  We suggested that you cut off the seed pods before they open to release the seeds.   Now (it’s the end of November) would be a good time to do so.

Similarly, if you wish to gather the seeds for planting next spring, now is the best time to harvest them.  At this point, the seed pods should be dry and starting to look like they are opening at seams.  Dry them indoors for a couple of days, then split the pods open to obtain the seeds.  Store these in paper bag or envelope in a cool, dry spot.

November 28 2022