Potted outside for summer, now in house, still blooming.
About 40 in. globe shape. Q- Can I cut it back now. It is too big for my space !


The Toronto Master Gardeners’ website, Ask A Master Gardener, is chock full of terrific information that is easy to find using a simple search (e.g., try the search terms “prune hibiscus”).

For example, see When to prune a hibiscus , a post from late September a few years ago and is quite comprehensive.  That post includes a link to an article from Hidden Valley Hibiscus, Pruning Hibiscus, which provides additional details.  The bottom line is that if you’ll be keeping the plant in a sunny spot over the winter, it’s time to prune the plant – while the weather is sunny and relatively warm (hurry it’s already early November!).

All the best with overwintering your lovely hibiscus!