Horseradish root that I can plant?


I would like to plant horseradish root this year in my north Toronto garden. Can I buy the root in a grocery store and plant it or do I need to buy it elsewhere? Any idea which stores sell the horseradish root that can be planted? thanks, Scott


Hi Scott – Horseradish (Armoracia rusticana) is planted in spring, with plants from a nursery or a fresh piece of root from the grocery store and harvested in the fall after the foliage dies back from the frost.  You can buy horseradish plants from specialty nurseries. A Google search should help with this. We do not recommend commercial businesses.

Horseradish can be a bit of a thug so be sure to position your plants in a spot in the garden where a little invasiveness will not be an issue. For more information on growing horseradish, see the Missouri Botanical Garden’s entry on Armoracia rusticana at the link below: