How to Propagate Schreber’s big red stem moss



I found quite a lot of Scherber’s big red stem moss on my garden floor and would like to propagate it further in my garden. How can I do that? It seems to be growing only in the shaded areas, would it be okay in full sun or partial sun? Soil type is heavy clay and area is north east Scarborough. Also, I would just like to confirm if it is native to the area if possible.

Thank you for your help and advice!


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. Schreber’s big red stem moss (Pleurozium schreberi) is the most common feathermoss in the understory of the boreal forest in Northern Ontario (and other regions in Canada). There have also been sightings of this moss in the Toronto area, according to iNaturalist . It prefers poor to moderately fertile soil, dry to moist sites, and full to dappled shade. Since its native environment is the forest understory, I don’t think it would do well in full sun. I would try planting it in spots in your garden that have conditions that are similar to where you have it growing now. The best way to propagate moss is to divide an existing clump, and place pieces where you want moss to grow. Provide enough moisture, maybe anchor it with some sticks, and then be patient. It could take a full season to get established.

Here is an article about propagating moss that you might find helpful :

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Good luck with your moss !

May 17, 2022