PLANT ID – Campanula rapunculoides


Hi there,

Could you help me identify if this plant is weed or ground cover? It grows and spreads very fast. It has extensive root system and grows even in the middle of other plants. Thank you very much


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.    This is a great question as I struggle with this plant in my front garden.   Campanula rapunculoides (Creeping Bellflower) is considered an invasive or noxious weed due to its very aggressive spread through both underground rhizomes and seeds.   Campanula rapunculoides grows long white taproots (that look similar to slender white carrots) with tall stalks of bluish-purple flowers.    As it’s very difficult to eradicate, some gardeners focus on containing its spread and enjoying the flowers.

You’ll find more information at:  Controlling Creeping Bellflower

Hopefully over time you’ll be able to control this perennial, or better yet, eliminate it.

May 17, 2022