ID Plant and Winter care


I’d like to know what the name of the plant is. I have it outside on my porch facing south.
I’d also like to know whether I can save the plant for next year. What do I do to save the plant. Do I just bring the whole plant inside in the fall?? Cut off the leaves? It is such a lovely plant, your adviywould be greatly appreciated.


Your lovely (and healthy-looking) plant is a Canna, often referred to as Canna Lily, but it is not a real lily. And unlike lilies, it cannot survive our winters outdoors. Also unlike lilies, it is not a bulb, but rather, a rhizome, which can be saved indoors and replanted for next season.

Here is the comprehensive advice we gave another inquirer about overwintering Cannas.

Enjoy their final blooms this season and look forward to them again next year!