Identifying Weed*


Hi there, I recently found this weed (everywhere around our condo) and like the look of it, but want to know more about it. I can’t seem to have any luck on the web.It doesn’t seem to flower and grows quite tall.



The weed you show looks like Linaria vulgaris that has different common names: Butter-and-Eggs, Spurred Snapdragon, Yellow Toadflax and Common toadflax.

Brought from Europe this perennial becomes a serious problem all over North America. The plant makes seeds and reproduces quickly by sprouting from its creeping root system. The small yellow flowers are in bloom all summer.

To control Linaria vulgaris it’s better to remove it before flowers turn seeds. This weed can be controlled by hand-pulling that must be repeated every time new shoots come up.

For more information and pictures about Butter-and-Eggs please see

Good luck