What to do with very large Wisteria vine?*


Hello ! I’m calling to ask what we should do with the hundreds and hundreds of beans hanging off our Wisteria vine?  It’s at least 10 years old, or older, and it produces a huge amount of these mahogany-coloured beans, but don’t know if we can take them off… or not? They make a lot of noise in the wind !


This is a very interesting question indeed ! And your problem is one that many gardeners might not mind having to deal with, as the sheer numbers of seed pods are evidence that your wisteria must be a very heavy bloomer ! However, the simple answer to your question is this: during the normal course of a late winter pruning of your vine, the pods will be included in what goes into your garden waste bags. But if your pods are still on the vine, perhaps it hasn’t been pruned yet. Below is a link to a good, detailed description of what is entailed.  And this itself contains a link to assist in engaging professional help, should you so desire. Thank you for calling !

Pruning Wisteria