Is alyssum back to my garden?


I planted alysums seeds, that said annual, in several pots and transferred them to sunny garden. They bloomed so beautifully and lasted until mid of fall.
This spring I planted the seeds again. Then I noticed that when they sprouted in those pots there’s same thing happening in my garden where last alyssum was growing.
Someone told me that even annual alyssum can come back when the condition is good.
Am I a lucky one? Or are they just similar weeds?


Thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners. Lobularia maritima or sweet alyssum is a common bedding annual known for its sweet scent.  Bees, flower flies, stingless wasps and butterflies are attracted to these flowers.  These species are commonly white but also come in shades of pink or lavender.  This annual grows well in full sun in cool climates but may do better in partial shade in hot climates. It requires average, well-drained soil with medium moisture. Lobularia maritima does reseed but to ensure compact plants with a good floral display continue to plant transplant starts.  Hardened off transplants can be planted a week or two before the average last frost.

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Sweet Alyssum, Lobularia maritima