Wisteria Trunk Damage


Our house has a beautiful well established Wisteria vine. We know it to be approximately 25-30yrs old as last summer the person who planted it (2 previous home owners ago) came by to show it to her now grown son who was a newborn when she planted it.

This year I noticed that the trunk is showing some signs of damage and wondered if this should be cause for concern and how to best care for it. We share our house with another family and between us we have 4 young boys who have climbed on the vine. Could their climbing be causing this kind of damage?

I don’t know a lot about Wisteria so any advice would be greatly appreciated! This really is an amazing focal feature for our backyard and hope to have the plant with us as long as possible!



Thanks for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.  A wound to the bark of woody plants can be significant because it interferes with the conduction of food and water within the vine. It could also make the vine susceptible to bacteria, fungi and insects.  It’s likely the damage was done by the boys climbing on the vine so it’s important to discourage them from doing so.  Check for soft spots or signs of fungal/bacterial decay and if there is none, simply leave the vine alone.  It will heal on its own.  If you notice any abnormalities, you might consider consulting an arborist.  You will find certified arborists at this site. https://landscapeontario.com/

May 3, 2021