Jade plant


I purchased 5 large jade cuttings at the Blooms Show last year, which are now getting quite yellow. I used Miracle Gro & made matters worse. Any ideas?



Dear gardener,

Jade plants are very easy to grow and require minimum care. However, there are certain requirements they need in order to thrive:

  • Good drainage. The roots cannot sit in water or stand in a container where water accumulates at the bottom between watering.
  • Sufficient amount of light.

Yellow leaves can mean:

  • Over watering and poor drainage. Water only after soil dries out. Also check that water is not accumulating at the bottom of the pot. Too much water reduces the amount of air the roots get. However, if the leaves are light yellow and wrinkly, it could be under watering. Just check the soil and the base of the pot before deciding to water.
  • Insufficient light.
  • Over fertilizing. Jade plants do not require fertilizer as long as they are planted in a good soil.
  • Exposure to cold drafts
  • Insects. Check for any signs of insects that may be extracting liquid from the leaves.

As the plant matures, you will notice that few of the large leaves at the bottom may turn yellow, as part of going to a dormant stage. However, your plants sound too young for this to happen.

Hope this helps you narrow down the problem.