Jade Plant


My jade plant appears to be dying. The branches are shrivelling bit by bit. I am attaching a picture of the plant.


It’s a bit difficult to tell if the leaves are also shriveling, which usually indicates a watering issue. Overwatering and underwatering are both common causes of jade plant problems. Here is a detailed answer we gave to another inquirer with a troubled jade. See if this answer describes your situation, too.

Overwatering, in particular, can lead to root rot, which means the plant can’t take up water any longer and both the branches and leaves dehydrate. To find out if there is root rot, tip the plant on its side and slide it out of the pot. Rotten roots are mushy and brown. If there are still some firm white roots, you can save the plant. Gently trim off the rotten roots, repot in fresh soil.

Good luck saving your jade!