vermi compost


Some people say vermi compost has more nutrients than other compost or manure. Is this true. What is the N P K value of vermi compost? Compared with other composting methods , is vermi composting more expensive ?
Thank you so much for your help.


Vermicomposting has a lot of benefits. You might enjoy watching this video, produced by Cornell University, which discusses the biological control of plant pathogens, as well as nutrition.

With respect to the specifics of the nutrient content of vermicompost, refer to this report from Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. And this article, published in the Open Journal of Soil Science, describes a detailed comparison of vermicompost versus manures.

With respect to expense, you will have the cost of set up, i.e., the bin and the worms, but minimal ongoing costs, since you are using food scraps. Here is an excellent publication from the United States Environmental Protection Agency on how to set up and maintain your vermicomposting process.

Good luck with your worms!