Japanese Filigree Tree


8 year old tree, usually blooms so healthy each year. This year, 1 limb is dead. I need someone to look at this and some information on what is happening and how to deal with this beautiful tree. Many thanks, Susan


It is difficult to tell exactly why one limb died without some additional information on the condition of the remainder of the tree. If one of the lower branches died, it may have been part of the process of growth, where a lower branch dies as the tree grows. It may be however be a more serious issue.

Toronto Master Gardeners has answered a similar question that might be relevant. It is noted below:


You do need to prune off the dead branch.  Take back the branch to where it meets the tree at the branch collar, the slightly swollen area where the branch leaves the trunk.

You may want to contact an arborist to clarify if this is a serious issue that needs remedial work. Landscape Ontario has a list of arborists in your area. Their website is:


Good luck.