Shrub not producing leaves


Hi there,
I recently moved into a new house and inherited what I believe looks like a weigela shrub in my front yard. Unfortunately, it does not seem to be getting any leaves or flowers on most of the branches: only a couple of branches have leaves and some few feeble flowers so far. I live in the North York area of Toronto, and the shrub is about 2 feet tall x 2 feet wide. Could you confirm if I’ve correctly identified this as a type of weigela, and provide any recommendations of what might be wrong with this shrub, and how I could revive it? Thanks for your assistance!



Hello, thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.  Yes, this looks like a Weigela shrub and it definitely does not look very happy.  This is surprising as Weigelas are typically very hardy and do not often succumb to winter die back.  Question: Do you see any sign of infestation or misshapen twigs?  Weigelas are prone to scale, aphids, and mealy bugs.   If you do see signs of any of these pests, remove affected material and clear site of any dead leaves or branches.  If pests are not apparent, we should look at the planting site.  This easy-going shrub adapts to most soil conditions except for soggy soil; ensure that the water drains away well and that this shrub does not linger in standing water.  My suggestion would be to prune out all dead branches to a growing bud making sure you use clean secateurs.  Give the plant a top dressing of good quality compost, and cover with thin layer of mulch.   I have attached a link with valuable information on caring for flowering shrubs and flowers.  I hope this is helpful for you.  Good luck with your Weigela and with your new garden.