Japanese Maple leaves wilting


I planted a JM June – 2020 and it has done well until a few days ago when I noticed the leaves are wilting on some stems and a few bare stems . The plant is about 4 fr in height with a spread of about 5 feet in a area that gets sunny in the late afternoon for about 1-2 hrs . It has Hostas around it that thrive well . There are evergreen shrubs on either side of it , about 2ft away that are well established.
I would appreciate your help with this problem
Thank you kindly


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. You have a beautiful Japanese Maple which did require some extra care this year because of the hot weather we have had this summer. 

Any newly planted tree needs consistent deep watering for two years after it is planted in order for it to become fully established and be able to handle adverse weather conditions.

The link below provides answers specific to the question about your Japanese Maple leaves.  It was published previously on this Toronto Master Gardener website.