Jumping Worm Resources for Downloading and Printing


May I and if yes – how do I download the jumping worm flyer from Master Gardeners.
I would like to make copies for another gardening group.


Thank you for your inquiry.  The Master Gardener’s of Ontario Inc. website has 5 excellent resources relating to Jumping Worms (Amynthas agrestis) that you can download and print.  For your ease and convenience, please click on the following hyperlinks to each of these resources:

For Information for Home Gardeners

For Dealing with Infestations in Your Garden

For Information for Plant Sale Volunteers and Organizers

For Jumping Worms  Poster

For Quick ID Guide

Alternatively, you can visit  www.mgoi.ca  and click on “Resources”.  Scroll down to “Jumping Worms” and the five resources listed above can be accessed there.