Native Options for Evergreen Hedge Max 6′ Tall


Thank you for your previous reply.
Could you recommend the next best thing if I can’t get a native shrub? Yews are not an option as both we and our neighbours have dogs.


Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners.  Given your unique situation in relation to location; space; preference for a native specimen; light and soil parameters; as well as pets; there is no true native evergreen plant that will fit your space as a hedge, without the need for it being trimmed.

However, perhaps the best compromising solution would be to consider a cultivar variety of a native species such as White Cedar (Thuja occidentalis).  A cultivar is a plant that has been bred by horticulturists through cloning or hybridization to enhance desirable qualities – in this instance, that characteristic would be height. One example of this is Thuja occidentalis ‘Degroot’s Spire’

Cultivars derived from native plants are often called “nativars” .  Some cultivars are listed as ‘dwarf’. These specimens are marketed as growing to approximately 5-6 feet and would definitely align with your initial chosen aesthetic of Emerald Cedars. As nativars are specialty plants, I would suggest checking with some local nurseries for sourcing options as they may need to be ordered.

Good luck with your project.