Lilac Tree


Hello! We have a lovely white lilac tree (actually, it looks like a couple of lilac trees growing together). We have just had some work on our house and yard, and the lilac tree is now in the way of the path. Is it possible to transplant a lilac tree? Would we do this, or hire an arborist? Is it expensive to move a lilac tree?

Thank you!



Thank you for contacting Toronto Master Gardeners:

The Toronto Master Gardener website has information the best time to dig up a lilac and how to transplant the lilac:  Transplanting a Lilac

After the lilac blooms, you can dead head the flowers, remove the older wood — bigger than your thumb —  down to the ground.  Remove dead and crossing branches. The summer pruning reduces the size of the lilac making it easier to transplant in the fall.  Our Toronto Master Gardener website has information on how to prune lilacs. Pruning lilacs

Landscape Ontario Website has information on arborists in your area, if you do decide not to transplant your lilac. Landscape Ontario Finding an Arborist