Lobelia and petunias started from seeds & direct sow


Hello, I prefer to grow my seeds using the direct sow method in the garden. I have been successful with direct sow for cosmos, zinnias & calendulas. I have limited indoor window space. Is it possible to successfully grow lobelia and petunias seeds using the direct sow method. Or should I only start them off inside the house. Is there another edging plant that you would recommend for direct sow. I live in Toronto & my garden is mainly full sun. thank you


Thank you for your question.  Petunias are best grown from seed started indoors.  As Petunias are heat-loving plants, if sown in the garden they may just rot.  If you do decide to start indoors, they require at least 10 weeks before planting outdoors.

Lobelia seeds can be either sown directly in the garden or indoors to be planted out later like the Petunias.

Some Flowering plants that can be grown from seed outdoors include: Sunflowers, Bachelor buttons, Marigolds, Morning Glory, Sweet pea, Sweet Allysum, Nasturtium, Annual Poppy, & Larkspur.

In the event that you decide to sow some petunia seeds indoors, we have attached a copy of our Gardening Guide :


You may also be interested in the Starting Seed Guide found on torontourbangrowers.org website.