Hi sir, madam,my question is can i markotting apple tree here in edmonton, if any possible solution that can multifly the apple in my backward, thank you . Alex


Hi Alex – I see that you have a question about your apple tree but I’m not sure exactly what you are after. If you are looking to purchase an apple tree, I suggest you buy from a specialist fruit tree nursery preferably one in your own general area. As most apple trees are not self-pollinating, you’ll need a tree that is a pollination partner for your current tree. A specialty nursery can advise you on this and will have a wider selection of varieties available.

I found one such nursery in your area: Mr. V’s located in Boyle, Alberta which is 144 kilometres north of Edmonton. The nursery is closed till early May but orders can be placed for spring delivery and you can contact them for information by phone or email. Use the link below to access their web site. There are specialty fruit tree nurseries in other provinces who will ship fruit trees across Canada. They can assist you in ensuring a selected variety will thrive in your conditions. I’ve included a link to Silver Creek Nurseries located in Wellsley, Ontario. Their web site lists 228 varieties of apple trees!

Mr. V’s, Boyle, Alberta

Silver Creek Nurseries, Wellsley, Ontario