Is it to late (July 7) to plant milkweed? Can I by them already grown? I’d like them in what is now a pretty weedy area, so they would have to do a bit of hearty fighting…


Common milk weed, Asclepias syriaca is a native plant essential for the survival of the monarch butterfly since this is the only plant on which monarchs lay their eggs.

Milk weed plants can be purchased from reputable nurseries in the spring.  You may have difficulty finding any  this time of the year, though.  If you do, you certainly may plant them.  They would be full size and in bloom by now.  Plant in a sunny location and ensure the plant is well watered until it is established.

Alternately, you can collect milk weed seeds and sow them yourself. The following web site provides excellent instructions that I am sure you will find helpful.


Good luck.  The monarchs thank you!