Hello , I bought Monkshood Capuchon ( Aconitum ) from the garden ctr . From the research I have done on the internet it says that it is poisonous and to be careful . So I am wondering if that is true and if so ? I would return it to the garden ctr because I cannot have it planted in the garden and someone might hurt . Thanks . Gordon,


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners.

You are correct, all part of monkshood (Aconitum sp.) are poisonous. According to Poison Control :

All parts of the plant, especially the roots, contain toxins. Aconitine is the most dangerous of these toxins. It is most noted as a heart poison but is also a potent nerve poison. Raw aconite plants are very poisonous.They are used as herbs only after processing by boiling or steaming to reduce their toxicity

The Spruce article reports the following: “All parts of Aconitum are poisonous if ingested or if the sap comes into contact with any mucous membrane. Effects range from skin irritation to cardiac and respiratory failure. Always wash your hands after handling monkshood. You’ll find many references in literature to monkshood being used to kill enemies. Another common name for monkshood, wolf’s bane, refers to its use for getting rid of wolves. Do not grow this plant around young children or curious pets.