Removing Lily of the Valley


When I moved to my present home, the garden had a small patch of lily of the valley. It was pretty so I let it be. Over the years it has spread steadily and has now infiltrated other plants that I don’t want to lose. How can I control it (or get rid of it)? I don’t want to use herbicide. I’d prefer not to dig it too much to disturb the other plant – small creeping true geraniums. Thanks.


Hi there

This is a question that we receive very often at Toronto Master Gardeners. Lily of the Valley is one of those plants we sometimes regret introducing to our gardens.  Sometimes we can learn to live with them and sometimes we are determined to eradicate them. I am attaching a link to a previous answer we gave regarding the same problem.

I really hope it helps you. You can find more gardening information by using the Find It Here Search box when you scroll down our homepage.