Muscari bulb


I planted muscari bulb 2 weeks ago or a bit more. Now they are coming out! What a surprised. I thought they would come up next spring. Why they are coming out now? They are like 1-1.5 inch high. Are they going to die? Will they come up in Spring? Did I plant them early? Thank you very much


Lisa MacKay


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners. The best time to plant spring bulbs is about 6 weeks before the ground freezes, so the best planting time in Toronto is early October. Muscari bulbs should be planted about 3” deep and 3″ apart. You may have planted a bit early, but this should be ok. Many species of muscari (including Muscari armeniacum, which is very common, so is likely what you have) produce leaves in the fall, after going dormant during the summer. These leaves nourish the plant, and they usually survive through the winter (although they might not look their best) and into the early spring which is when the flowers bloom (they do not bloom in the fall).

Muscari are easily grown in full sun or part shade, in average well-drained soil. They are are virtually pest and disease free. Since they are so small, they look best when planted in large quantities. They spread over time, and are easily dug up and transplanted in another spot.

Here are a couple of websites with further information :

Muscari are such a lovely plant in the early spring garden. I hope you will enjoy yours for many years !