Planting dahlia tubers in the fall


Can one plant dahlia tubers in the fall, as I would plant tulip bulbs now, living in Toronto?


No, dahlia tubers will not survive Toronto winters. In fact, in our Gardening Tips for this month, here, you will see our advice on how to dig up and store the dahlias that were planted in the spring. Here’s how to keep your dahlia tubers until it’s time to plant next year.

Dahlia tubers can be kept over the winter for use next spring if stored in the proper conditions – a dry, cool place (5-10 C).  Store them in a container which will allow ventilation.  Line the bottom with a layer of peat moss or vermiculite – place your clump with the stem pointing down.  There can be two layers of tubers in a container.  Cover the top layer with a layer of peat moss or vermiculite. Check on them a few times during the winter to make sure none are rotting.