Mystery Plant- Plume Poppy*


Hello master gardener,
Do you know what this plant is in front of the hosta? I’ve attached a photo. Thanks.




It looks as though you are the owner of a Plume Poppy, Latin name of Macleaya cordata. This is a very structural plant that can grow quite large, in fact 5 to 8 feet tall, and spreads by rhizomes or in other words stems that grow horizontally underground. It originates from China and Japan so it is not a native plant and may need some corralling. Depending on your garden this could be a pest of a plant or a lovely addition. If you have a small garden this plant will have a tendency to take over because of its large size and spreading habit. If you have room for it the interesting shape and green grey colour may compliment and contrast nicely with your other plants. Below are two websites you may want to check out. The first gives a definitive description of the plant and the second talks about how to use this plant in the garden.

Have fun in your garden!