Sedums not blooming*


I am part of a rooftop condo gardening group (volunteer) at Front and Jarvis. Last year we planted sedums, Autumn Joy, in raised beds and they did really well giving us colour right through till late Fall. They have reappeared and seem to be flourishing, but as you can see from the accompanying pic the blooms are not there. The panicle heads have spread out and are not compact. We face west and have lots of sun. It is very hot up there, but we wonder if over-watering could be the problem.



Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ is among the most outstanding perennials one can add to the late summer and fall garden. Large display of plate-like flower clusters start of pink, then gracefully age to a rosy russet-red in the fall.

Sedum prefers moderately fertile, moist soil in full sun, but can take it drier. They do not begin to produce their flower buds until mid-summer to it is not surprising that you have not seen any signs of flowering.

Plants may flop if grown in too much shade or in overly rich soil. They can be pinched back to 4” when they have reached approximately 8” in height, normally in June. This results in a smaller, more compact plant with more numerous flowers. However, pinching them back may slightly delay flowering.