Can you recommend a reputable spagnum moss and wood chip brand for orchids?


Thank you for contacting the Toronto Master Gardeners concerning your orchid.

For any plant to thrive the key is to emulate a plant’s native habitat. For the sake of this response I am asumming you have a phaleanopsis orchid. These orchids are epiphytic, which means that they are attached to trees by bare roots. In their native habitat they receive a deluge of rain, then they dry out. As a result, for this type of orchid, bark is much better planting medium than moss. Sphagnum moss is either really wet or really dry, making it not ideal for epiphytic roots.

I reached out to a Toronto Master Gardener who is an avid orchid collector and grower. This is what she had to say about acquiring reptuable orchid bark “It’s hard to find a good bark mix these days. Some brands are adding soil … This includes  Miracle Gro orchid mix. Promix used to be good, but I can’t find it anymore. That leaves Golf Green mix which I think you can only get in Canadian Tire.”

My suggestion would be to go to a nursery that specializes in orchids. Doing a quick goggle search there are a number of orchid growers in Toronto.

For your interest, I am attaching our Garden Guide on Growing Orchids 

June 28, 2023