overwinter houseplant


I have a few tropicals I grow outside in containers during the season but I don’t have a suitable space to overwinter them (wish I did though!). The cold would otherwise kill them in a few days, but it’s shame to toss them to the compost pile. Ideas on finding a home for them? Any use to TBG? A) two lady palms B) two pink oleanders C) one elephants ears. I’ll try to attach photos. Location is Scarborough. Thanks.


Your tropicals seem to have done very well outdoors this summer and look quite healthy.  I can understand why you do not want just add them to the compost.

The Toronto Botanical Garden  has a tropical plant exchange event on Wednesday, October 23rd from 5 – 7 pm.  You could donate your plants to  this exchange at 777 Lawrence Avenue East.

Alternately you might want to contact some seniors’ homes in your area to see if they are interested in residents who may like to look after them.

A third option would to be to take them to a winter plant storage store/greenhouse.  These services do charge a fee.  Please contact Lansdscape Ontario for locations.