Partially dying tree?


I live in the northern part of Toronto near steeles and bayview and i noticed sections of this tree in my front yard not growing back the last the couple of yrs (whereas it did before that). How can I make these branches produce leaves again and prevent other branches from facing the same fate? Note: I’m only a beginner gardener


It is not uncommon for evergreens to lose needles in the centre of the tree, so I am not sure that this tree is actually “dying”. It may just be suffering from winter damage.

However, the completely brown section near the top is unsightly, and you may want to remove it. This looks like a very big tree, so I would suggest you not attempt to prune it yourself.

To find a certified professional arborist who will have the correct equipment and knowledge to prune this tree to improve its appearance, as well as checking it for disease, use the database from the International Society of Arboriculture.

Good luck restoring the tree to its former beauty.